Loretta Lynch Used Email Alias As Attorney Ge | The Daily Caller

Using the pseudonym “Elizabeth Carlisle,” Lynch corresponded with DOJ press officials to hammer out talking points in response to media requests about the meeting. The encounter drew criticism from conservatives because Lynch was overseeing the federal investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information on her private email system.

‘U.S. flag’ among items banned by Michigan school | EAGnews.org

“Roseville has a long history of working with the VFW and other patriotic groups. We would never ban the appropriate display of the . The exact language can be found on Page 34 of the Roseville High School student handbook which is available online.”

Govt Pay Almost Double Average Worker’s | The Daily Caller

There’s a reason are so sought after: The average government salary is nearly double the average American worker’s.

Stossel: $2 Million Bathroom – Reason.com

John Stossel investigates a New York City park bathroom that cost $2 million to build.

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Liberal Slate won’t let their writers unionize. The reason why proves conservatives right – Red Alert Politics

After more than 90 percent of its editorial staff signed cards to unionize with the Writers Guild of America back in March, the site’s management refused to voluntarily recognize the Guild as their collective bargaining representative, and has continued to drag its feet.

Salon struggling to pay its rent | New York Post

Salon, the struggling digital publisher, is having trouble paying its rent.

Vaping industry in Indiana takes off after monopoly is eliminated – 95.3 MNC

The vaping industry in is growing after a new state law eliminated a monopoly that was restricting manufacturers’ ability to sell their products in the state.

Survey ‘Myth-Busting’ E-Cigarettes Shreds Negative Stereotypes Of Vapers

The survey showed roughly 77 percent of vapers have completed a secondary education and roughly 67 percent are employed full time. They also stay active, further diminishing the portrait of the average vaper as lazy. Roughly 76 percent of users exercise at least one to three times a week, with 31 percent exercising four to seven times a week.

Vapers Commend ‘Massive’ FDA Move ‘Abandoning’ Crippling Policies

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced July 28 they are delaying costly requirements for product approval by four years to avoid financially upending the industry. Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said he wants the FDA to encourage the development of innovative technologies that can improve public health while leaving products currently helping smokers quit on the market.

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Foxconn Plans To Invest In Michigan | The Daily Caller

Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of consumer electronics, is reportedly planning a multibillion dollar investment in .

We Did It! America Created 1 Million Jobs in Trump’s First Six Months – Breitbart

The American economy has added more than one million jobs since President took office.

Wages increase for construction and farm workers as Trump cracks down on illegal immigration – Red Alert Politics

While Democrats and big business lobbyists are claiming that ’s crackdown on is part of a plot against minorities, working class Americans in two industries are getting a much-needed wage increase in border states.

The Amazon Effect: Part Time Jobs Soar By 393K, Full Time Jobs Slide | Zero Hedge

According to the BLS, in July 393,000 part time jobs were added, offset by a drop of 54,000 full-time workers.

Where The Jobs Were: Waiters And Bartenders Topped The List | Zero Hedge

We already showed that contrary to the strong headline payrolls print, the sole source of job gains in July was part-time jobs, which rose by 393K in the month, the biggest monthly increase since September 2016, as full-time jobs sunk by 54K. Which is why it should not surprise that of the 209K jobs added according to the Establishment survey, the sector that added the most jobs was the “food services and drinking places”, i.e. “waiters and barenders” category, which added 53,000 jobs, the highest monthly increase since March 2014. There have now been 89 consecutive months without a decline for waiter and bartender jobs, the strongest sector for US employment. Needless to say, these jobs fall within leisure and hospitality, that sector pays the worst wages, an average of $13.35 an hour, and $331.08 a week.

Wasserman Schultz Says Laptop Was Awan’s | The Daily Caller

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz never actually saw the computer she fought to block the Capitol Police from examining as evidence in a criminal case against her IT aide by saying it was hers, she told the South Florida  Thursday.

Eric Bolling Accuser Is A Left-Wing Anti-Trump Activist Who Also Accused O’Reilly – Big League Politics

Suspended Fox News host ’s first public accuser is a major left-wing activist who held a protest sign at President Trump’s inauguration accusing the president of being a rapist.

Non-Tenured Professor Accusing Fox News’s Eric Bolling Shares Details of Her Ordeal: In 2011, “Lenny Dykstra persistently asked [her] to a party”

Heldman’s Facebook post also includes a rant about a colorful former Major League Baseball star who was not employed by Fox News but was merely another guest on a show: “On March 20, 2011, persistently asked me to a party and told me that he gets ‘sexually aroused when I talk politics.’”

WOW! Law Firm Investigating Bolling Sexting Scandal Was Hillary Clinton Fundraiser, Employs Former Obama Officials

Paul Weiss donated $271, 970 to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign!