Daily Show Prep: Monday, June 12


Nurses Sue Over Hostage, Rape Incident at Illinois Hospital

Four nurses are suing a corrections officer, the county he works for, and the company that provides security for a hospital in Illinois after a prison inmate escaped while being treated, causing mayhem — including raping a nurse — before being shot and killed by police.

Pelosi Keeps Confusing George W. Bush With Donald Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) has confused President Donald Trump with former President George W. Bush at least four times since Trump took office in January.

Threes Brewing, Brooklyn company, to release ‘Gender Neutral’ beer prior to NYC Pride March – Washington Times

Brooklyn-based Threes Brewing plans on capitalizing on thirsty members of the LGBT community this month with the June 22 release of a new lager called “Gender Neutral.” The flavor will debut at a “Human Rights are Gender Neutral” party in celebration of the city’s Pride Week.

More Footage of CNN’s Staged Protest at the London Bridge :: Grabien News

Narrator Claire Jordan walks viewers through the scene before CNN filmed the ‘protest’

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The Survivor Part 1

Australian Candice Hedge had her throat cut in the recent terror attacks in the heart of London. She tells her story of strength and survival in an exclusive interview with Sunday Night.

American Express Distances Itself from Public Theater’s ‘Trump’-Stabbing ‘Julius Caesar’

American Express issued a statement Monday saying it does not provide funding to nor condone a controversial Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar in which the Trump-inspired main character is brutally stabbed to death on stage, after two of the production’s sponsors dropped their support this week.

Celebrities Call for Boycott of Delta, Bank of America after Companies Pull Funding from ‘Trump’ Stabbing Theater

Several Hollywood celebrities have called for a boycott of Delta Air Lines and Bank of America after the two companies announced Sunday they would no longer sponsor the New York City Public Theater over a controversial staging of Julius Caesar in which a Trump look-alike is brutally murdered on stage.

Councilman Jamie O’Brien

St. Joseph County taxpayers beware . . . . “Bill No. 43-17 ESTABLISHING CUMMULATIVE CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT FUND” is on the County Council’s agenda this coming Tuesday evening. If passed (and I believe it will pass unless there is herculean live opposition) it will result in an increase in the property tax levy and thus an increase in property taxes for many taxpayers in St. Joseph County. I also believe this will result in a reapportionment of the property tax pie that will reduce the amount of property taxes going to several of the school corporations. If you don’t want your taxes to increase then show up at the Council meeting Tuesday, June 13 at 600pm and speak up.

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NEW JERSEY: School Alters Yearbook Photos to Remove Trump Clothing and Pro-Trump Quotes

A New Jersey school district is investigating why the yearbook photos of two high school students were altered to remove President Donald Trump’s name on clothing they wore.

N.J. teacher suspended over yearbook censorship of pro-Trump messages – Washington Times

A New Jersey high school teacher has been suspended after pro-President Trump messages were Photoshopped and edited out of the school’s official yearbook.

Students Harassed in Futile Schoolwide Drug Raid File Civil Rights Lawsuit – Hit & Run :

The local sheriff’s department subjected 900 students at Worth County High School in Georgia to a warrantless (and fruitless) search for drugs in April; in the course of the raid, cops grabbed many teens’ breasts or genitalia. Now nine of those students, with the help of the Southern Center for Human Rights, have filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, Albany Division, against Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby and several deputies.

We Could Have Had Cellphones Four Decades Earlier –

The basic idea of the cellphone was introduced to the public in 1945—not in Popular Mechanics or Science, but in the down-home Saturday Evening Post. Millions of citizens would soon be using “handie-talkies,” declared J.K. Jett, the head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Licenses would have to be issued, but that process “won’t be difficult.” The revolutionary technology, Jett promised in the story, would be formulated within months.

EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol Agent was Kidnapped, FBI Leads Investigation

A leaked official document from the El Paso Sector Intelligence and Operations Center reveals that the injured off-duty Border Patrol agent who was discovered on the side of a roadway on June 9, 2017, is believed to have been kidnapped prior to sustaining severe injuries to his “head, chest, and hands.” Breitbart Texas exclusively obtained the document from a trusted source operating under the umbrella of Customs and Border Protection (CBP).