Daily Show Prep: Thursday, July 6


Proceeds Of Hill IT Suspects Disappeared | The Daily Caller

A Pakistani family under criminal investigation by the U.S. Capitol Police for abusing their access to the House of Representatives information technology (IT) system may have engaged in myriad other questionable schemes besides allegedly placing “ghost employees” on the congressional payroll.

Volvo ditching gasoline engines for electric, hybrid cars after 2019

Volvo is leaving conventional gasoline vehicles on the side of the road.

France to Ban Sale of Cars Powered by Gasoline and Diesel

France plans to end the sale of vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel by 2040, environment minister Nicolas Hulot said.

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Networks Are Intentionally Misspelling Their News Shows’ Titles to Hide Bad Ratings

Television networks are intentionally misspelling the names of their news shows in a new trend to artificially boost their ratings.

Fact-Checkers Get $1.3 Million From Liberal Billionaires Soros, Omidyar

As fact-checkers play an increasingly important role in journalism, it’s important to fact check who funds them.

Kim Jong Un bodyguard defects, seeks asylum in South Korea – UPI.com

A North Korean soldier who worked as Kim Jong Un’s bodyguard wants to defect to the South.

Fox Host On NK: Assassinate Or Stage Coup | The Daily Caller

Jesse Watters, co-host of the Fox News show “The Five,” believes America’s options for North Korea are dwindling, suggesting an assassination of dictator Kim Jong-un or an overthrow of the government.

Nets Protect their Own: Ignore ABC Defamation Settlement With Beef Company

ABC News and Beef Products Inc (BPI) reached a confidential settlement which concluded a 5-year-old lawsuit as of June 27. BPI filed a $1.9 billion lawsuit against ABC News in 2012 for reports that the company’s lean finely textured beef (LFTB) as dangerous “pink slime.” ABC may have been liable for up to $5.7 billion if it lost the case because of South Dakota’s Agricultural Food products Disparagement Act.

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DNC email server most wanted evidence for Russia investigations – Washington Times

Mentioned in recent reporting and testimony from fired FBI Director James B. Comey, the correspondence reportedly shows Obama-era Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch privately assuring “someone in the Clinton campaign that the email investigation would not push too deeply into the matter.”

Former 95.3 MNC Radio Host Ends Cancer Treatment: Radio star Matt Patrick stopping cancer treatments, leaving future “up to God” – Local – Ohio

“I’m going to decide that there will be no fighting,” he said on the Matt Patrick Show. “There will be no more going back to the hospital. There will be … It will be up to God. Whatever God decides to do, that’s what I will do.

Donald Trump donates first presidential paycheck to Antietam battlefield – Washington Times

Mr. Trump’s first quarter salary of $78,333 was matched by an anonymous donor who gave another $22,000, bringing the gift to $100,000, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said.

More Republicans pay their interns than Democrats: Study

Nearly 51 percent of Republican Senate offices offer paid internship compared to just 31 percent of Democrat offices, according to a new study from the bipartisan group Pay Our Interns. On the House side, only 8 percent of Republican offices pay their interns compared to just 3.6 percent of Democrat offices.