Daily Show Prep: Thursday, June 9

Teen sues cop: You need a warrant to check my breath for booze

Over the past decade in , judges have struck down warrantless tests three times, most recently in 2007, when U.S. District  Judge David Lawson struck down a state law that allowed police to force pedestrians under the age of 21 to take a without first obtaining a search warrant.

FCC: Taxpayers Footing $500M Bill for Obamaphone Fraud | Truth Revolt

NLAD data reveals that an astonishing 4,291,647 accounts have enrolled through this “loophole.”

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Listen: ‘I Think My Dogs A Democrat’ By Bryan Lewis | The Burning Truth

Bryan Lewis’ original song ‘I Think

CONFIRMED=> Hillary Clinton Received 1.5 Million FEWER Votes in 2016 than in 2008 — Democrats Down 7 Million Votes

Even after California primary STILL does not have enough pledged delegates to win the Democratic primary.

Top Stories – Is Trump a Fascist…and what is Fascism? – AllGov – News

Perthes said real fascism requires two more elements — an outright rejection of democracy, and a harsher definition of order. Jobbik, the ultraright party in Hungary, would fall into this category, he said, but Norbert Hofer, the far-right candidate who narrowly lost the Austrian presidential vote, and Trump would not.

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Ex-Standford swimmer convicted of sex assault to leave jail early – 95.3 MNC News | The Burning Truth

A former University whose six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman ignited widespread outrage will leave jail three months early.

Wives Outraged After Young Woman Kills Their Husbands & Gets Misdemeanor

Elizabeth Malish and Julia Cushman lost their husbands at the hands of Rachel Hill, a pretty young woman only concerned about herself and what she wanted. The selfish killer took the lives of two innocent men, but she’s only getting a slap on the wrist. The grieving widows have been left outraged and in disbelief as Rachel was only charged with a misdemeanor for the crime that left their husbands .

Tapper on Fire: Slams ‘Sycophantic’ Media for Fawning Over Hillary | Truth Revolt

Tapper on Fire: Slams ‘Sycophantic’ Media for Fawning Over Hillary | Truth Revolt

The answer to Zika is obvious: Bring back DDT | New York Post

The Zika virus outbreak makes it clearer than ever: It’s time to end the ban on DDT — a ban that was never sensible in the first place, but now is downright unjustifiable.