NRA calls for ATF review of bump stocks, new regulations after Las Vegas shooting | Fox News

The National Rifle Association, in its first statement on the Las Vegas shooting and in a rare break from its traditional opposition to gun-related regulations, called Thursday for a federal review of so-called bump stocks and suggested new rules might be needed for the device apparently used by the shooter in Sunday’s massacre.

MSNBC And CNN Still Don’t Know How Guns | The Daily Caller

The networks have spread incorrect information about the legality of modifying a semi-automatic gun to fire in automatic mode, the legality and use of bump stocks, and the purpose and effects of firearm suppressors. Anchors on and MSNBC simultaneously called for gun control and bemoaned current gun laws all while sharing the misinformation.

Vegas Killer Stephen Paddock Bought 33 Guns in One Year – $600 Rifle He Purchased on Way to Vegas Is Missing

Stephen Paddock bought nearly three dozen guns in the year before he unleashed carnage on a crowd in Las Vegas, killing 58 and wounding more than 500.

Criticizing Cam Newton’s Comments Is Apparently Racist | The Smoke Room

“I know you take a lot of pride in seeing your receivers play well, [Wide receiver] Devin Bunches seemed to really embrace the physicality of his routes, and making, getting those extra yards — does that give you a little bit of enjoyment to see him truck stick people out there?”

Football Ratings Down on Weekend of Boycott

The National Football League is continuing a steady decline in audience, with its fourth week of games having the smallest audience on a weekend when some conservatives called for a boycott because some of its players used the national anthem to protest against police treatment of minorities.

Report: NFL Owners At Odds Over Protest Response

The NFL may have presented a unified front on the football field, when responding to and the protests that have swept across the league. However, behind closed doors, the league’s owners clashed and worried over how to react.

FDA Warns Bakery Of ‘Love’ Ingredie | The Daily Caller

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently warned a relatively small Massachusetts bakery to remove the word “Love” from its granola’s ingredient list.

West Point Knew For Years Spenser Rapone Was Anti-American, Justified ISIS – He STILL Graduated

“From his various online rantings and posts, it appears that DCT Rapone is an avowed Marxist, which is completely out of line with the values of this nation and its Army,” Heffington said in a sworn statement. “Moreover, CDT Rapone’s posts indicate that he hates West Point, the U.S. Army, and indeed this country. One post dated 16 November 2015 states, ‘F*ck this country and its false freedom.’ He also … even implicitly justifies the actions of ISIS and blames the United States for terrorist attacks.”

Imran Awan Paid Pakistani Officials | The Daily Caller

A now-indicted IT aide to various House Democrats was sending money and gifts to government officials in Pakistan and received protection from the Pakistani police, multiple relatives claim.

Bodyguard Details Last Moments of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi – Breitbart

“As bodyguard to U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Wickland was the last person to see him and an aide alive as they tried to escape a burning mission villa,” the Washington Post reports. “Wickland also was at the wheel of an armored car evacuating U.S. security personnel that ran a gauntlet of hostile fire to the CIA annex, only to have the attack trail them and mortar rounds kill two more Americans and wound one of Wickland’s close friends just feet away from him on a rooftop.”

Three American Special Forces Killed in Niger – Christine Rousselle

Three Green Berets were killed and two were wounded on Wednesday in an ambush in Niger near the Mali border.