Casino revenue sharing agreement unanimously approved by South Bend Common Council –

The proposed for the southeast side of will benefit the city after the Common Council voted unanimously in favor of an agreement with the Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi Indians.

No, Casinos Do Not Create Cultural Wastelands

Opponents of casinos and gambling will often claim that casinos cause terrible problems.  In a way, the opposition to gambling makes for strange political alliances.  For example, the right-wing organization Focus on the Family claims gambling “is morally bankrupt from its very foundation.”  They also quote the Bible in their opposition.  Many on the left also oppose gambling, but for different reasons.  For example, some on the left who oppose gambling claim that gambling is like a tax on the poor and uninformed.  Others claim that people who gamble are exploited by casinos, which are large corporations.  The opponents of gambling think if a new casino moves into an area, it only hurts society.  They’re wrong.

The Elusive Link Between Casinos and Crime — Pacific Standard

In fact, drug crimes and residential burglary actually decreased in that neighborhood — which the authors attribute to an increased police patrol around the area. Vehicle crime did increase in the next neighborhood over, though, suggesting that it may have been displaced rather than reduced. Regardless, it seems that an uptick in “alcohol violations or kids being left in cars while their parents gamble,” which the group protesting the casino warned against, has not materialized in the years since SugarHouse opened.

Employed People Prefer to Keep the Money They Earn, Says New Study – Hit & Run :

A startling new * just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences probes “the moral consequences of becoming unemployed.”

Video: Hillary Clinton, Bill de Blasio, and “colored people time.”

DE BLASIO: Sorry, Hillary. I was running on C.P. time.

White House Defends Hillary Clinton’s Racist Joke | The Daily Caller

“I can’t speak to any misguided attempts at humor,” Earnest, who has not seen video of the controversial comedy skit, told reporters during a daily press briefing. “I can only speak to their commitment that they’ve shown over the course of their career to justice and civil rights.”

Virtual reality tested by NFL as tool to confront racism, sexism

The Interaction Lab’s diversity demos are designed to transport users into unfamiliar and unsettling realms. In one scenario, a user is represented by an African-American female avatar who is being angrily harassed by a white avatar. When the user reflexively lifts his or her arms in self-defense, the hands feature black skin.

Julianne Moore Calls For Gun Control Lenny | The Daily Caller

It should not be a pro-gun-versus-anti-gun argument. It is not an argument about our Constitution. The Second Amendment protects the right of a United States citizen to bear arms. But a gun is a machine.

Michiana transgender woman says she was forced to use men’s room – ABC57 News – See the Difference Michiana

“I had went up to her and asked her does she have a unisex ? She replied ‘no’, and pointed at the men’s restroom and forced me to go to the men’s restroom,” On assess said.

Soccer Players Traumatized By Opposing Fans Chanting: “Trump, Build That Wall” | The Burning Truth

Whether the fans crossed the line or not, I’ll leave to you. However, the players need to grow the hell up. This coddling of feelings because someone says something mean has got to stop. It’s weakness, pure and simple.

Wisconsin Kids Yell ‘Donald Trump, Build That Wall’ At Latina Soccer Players: Chicagoist

At this time we can confirm that three elementary aged students who were sitting near Beloit fans said “Trump, build a wall”. Later in the game two high school students stated back and forth “Trump” four to five times. It has been reported that the game was stopped.