Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, April 25

First 100 days: Trump team touts number of Obama rules they killed | Fox News

Though President Trump is unlikely to ding ObamaCare before the 100-day mark this Saturday, he and GOP lawmakers have been able to chip away at Barack Obama’s legacy in other ways — by making unprecedented use of an obscure rule-killing law.

11 Ways Trump Has Rolled Back Regulations in 100 Days

As President Donald Trump reaches his 100th day in the White House on April 29, he will have worked with Congress to rescind more regulations using the Congressional Review Act than any other president.

Trump to impose tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber | TheHill

The Trump administration will slap new tariffs on softwood lumber entering the U.S. from Canada, a move sure to inflame a long-running trade dispute between the two countries.

Trump: ‘We will not stand for’ Canadian business practices | Circa News – Learn. Think. Do.

Trump also accused Canada of cutting off dairy products being exported from the United States. He may be targeting lumber because U.S. lumber companies allege Canadian lumber imports are unfairly subsidized, which Canada denies, The Hill reports.

A Trump tariff on Canadian lumber isn’t as crazy as you’re being told – Hot Air Hot Air

If the estimates from the Commerce Department are accurate, Canada is currently subsidizing the sales of more than a half dozen different Canadian lumber companies at rates of anywhere from 12 to 24 percent. As soon as they start doing that, their companies are able to begin selling their products at rates which are significantly below the break even, profitability point without suffering the consequences of doing so which would afflict any company attempting it in a true free market scenario. That means they can undercut American lumber companies, costing us business and jobs.

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United Airlines passenger David Dao blamed by police for injuries | Circa News – Learn. Think. Do.

As more police arrived, he started “swinging his arms up and down fast and violently.” According to the report, his motions caused him to lose control, leading him to fall and hit his head on the armrest.

Report: United Airlines isn’t America’s least favorite airline – 95.3 MNC

Here’s how the airlines ranked, according to the report:

Wikitribune launched by Jimmy Wales, WIkipedia founder | Circa News – Learn. Think. Do.

Wikipedia saved many of your term papers. Now its founder wants to bring you the news.

Wikitribune – Evidence-based journalism

Wikitribune is a news platform that brings journalists and a community of volunteers together.

Two-thirds of Americans think that the Democratic Party is out of touch with the country – The Washington Post

Two-thirds of Americans think the Democrats are out of touch — including nearly half of Democrats themselves.

CLASSY: Dick Durbin seconds Tom Perez, tells 28% of Democrats who oppose abortion to GET OUT – twitchy.com

Honestly at this point you think they’d be BEGGING for support but oh no, not these self-centered, perpetually smug Leftist jackasses.

EXTREMELY RARE Parchment Copy of the Declaration of Independence Has Been Found (VIDEO)

Report: More Americans Between 18 and 34 Live with Parents Than Spouse – Breitbart

More Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 live with their parents than with a spouse, according to a new study.

Honeywell strips health benefits from retirees | Business | southbendtribune.com

Martha Stutsman, a longtime union member, retired from Honeywell in 1990 with what she thought were lifetime health and prescription drug benefits.

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White Collar Fight Club: how I transformed from office worker to punching machine

Had you asked me before November last year, I would have suggested that those were also the last punches I would ever throw. Despite my rage over items of stationery, I am not an aggressive man. My friends would tell you that I wouldn’t (or couldn’t) hurt a fly. So what was I doing, signing up to “white-collar boxing” and committing to a fight just five months later?

Jeans made to look like you Work Hard so you don’t have to | Mike Rowe

Topshop Clear Knee Mom Jeans | Nordstrom

I almost bought suit months ago.

Retired Air Force captain says attack on Extortion 17 could have been prevented | Circa News – Learn. Think. Do.

A retired Air Force captain says the Pentagon lied to families about what caused the Extortion 17 tragedy.