Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, April 5

Obama Admin: Landlords Can’t Refuse To House Criminals | The Daily Caller

The Fair Housing Act doesn’t include criminals as a protected class, but the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) says refusing to rent based on a criminal record is a form of racial discrimination, due to racial imbalances in the U.S. justice system.

WOW! Watch Idiot Fast Food Worker Defend $15 an Hour Minimum Wage (VIDEO) – The Gateway Pundit

Naquasia Legrand: No, I say this is great that this is happening fast. People are losing their jobs now as we speak. Whether we fight or not people are already losing their job, losing their homes. This is a way that us standing in solidarity, standing together, this is a way to keep us together and have job security. So by this movement rapidly the way it is is definitely great for all low wage workers around this country.

Automation: McDonald’s Introduces Kiosks So Customers Can Have (Money-Saving) Non-Human Food Ordering

Automation: McDonald’s Introduces So Customers Can Have (Money-Saving) Non-Human Food Ordering

Consumers Prefer Self-Service Kiosks at Banks | Acuant

According to a study by Source Technologies, self-service retail banking kiosks can offer significant improvements to physical branch locations. Usually it takes customers 9 minutes to get an official check from a bank teller. When banks provide self-service kiosks for their customers to use, the time it takes to get an official check gets cut down to 40 seconds. Customers can get their checks 13.5 times faster with a self-service kiosk.

Survey: Millennials Want In-Store Mobile Payments, Not Human Cashiers

Among all respondents, nearly half (49 percent) wanted more self-service kiosks and 20 percent wanted to be able to pay with mobile or a smartwatch. Once again, among Millennials, the figures were higher: “26 percent want to be able to pay at self-service kiosks using mobile devices . . .”

BREAKING: RNC Releases New Video – Pushes Rule Change to Help Party Elites Steal Nomination – The Gateway Pundit

But maybe you still don’t understand why’s all this necessary? Why can’t the rules stay the same for each convention? Listen, if you were a delegate you wouldn’t want to be governed by the rules of past conventions. There’s no reason that the rules that governed Romney’s delegates should be used to govern you. After all, this is a new convention for new candidates.

GOP Elite Matt Schlapp: Trump Should Endorse Eventual GOP Winner at RNC After They Steal Nomination from Him – The Gateway Pundit

Matt Schlapp: I think, so much of this Bill, depends on what Donald Trump decides to do. Donald Trump, obviously if he gets the nomination he’s gonna be plenty happy. If he doesn’t get it does he endorse? You know, Ronald Reagan in 1976 lost that grueling nominating contest to Gerald Ford but he stood up there at the podium, put his arm around Gerald Ford and endorsed him. If that happens, my party is going to be OK. If we don’t get that moment my party has a big problem.

Um yeah, no. What Schlapp didn’t say is that Reagan wasn’t the frontrunner going into the 1976 convention. Far different scenario.

1976 Republican National Convention – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Going into the convention, Ford had won more primary delegates than Reagan, as well as a plurality in popular vote.

New IIHS ratings show most headlights are lacking

The Toyota Prius v is the only midsize car out of 31 evaluated to earn a good rating in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s first-ever headlight ratings.

Taxpayers footing bill for lawsuit | Indiana | www.journalgazette.net

Hoosier taxpayers have paid $160,000 in legal fees to shield House and Senate communications from public view in just eight months.

Mishawaka joins St. Joseph County in fight for big box stores’ property taxes – 953MNC.com

The Mishawaka City Council voted unanimously to join the city of South Bend and St. Joseph County in paying for legal fees in court cases involving local big box stores seeking lower property taxes.

Federal judge rules on special Wal-Mart tax; liberals are FUMING – Allen B. West – AllenBWest.com

Another politically-motivated attempt to keep out was made explicitly clear in Puerto Rico, where a law was introduced to effectively tax the company at a rate three times higher than other companies. The tax is applied to companies with revenues over $2.75 billion – and is the only company on the island that even comes close.

Talk Radio Wars: Seismic Struggles In Talk Radio As Hosts Battle Their Listeners | The Daily Caller

Many hosts are engaged in open warfare with their audiences. Even among those who are not, there is a palpable awareness that this election is different from any other and may well change the future of talk radio and their individual careers.

Footage Surfaces of Bernie Sanders Praising COMMUNIST BREAD LINES (VIDEO)

Video Surfaces of Praising Breadlines and Food Rationing

DEVELOPING: We Have the DC Madam’s Phone Records – Pages and Pages of Phone Records – The Gateway Pundit

We have the DC Madam’s phone records. Pages and pages of phone records. We are deciding how to present this evidence.