South Bend Common Council passes gun resolution, water rate hike

They hope to make it more difficult for people who are mentally ill, violent felons, and domestic abusers to get a gun.

Indiana Gun Control Laws – FindLaw

Who May Not Own 1. Convicted felon; 2. Drug abuser; 3. Alcohol abuser; 4. Mentally incompetent; 5. Under 18 (except if parent or guardian); 6. Convicted for any crime involving an inability to safely handle a handgun.

Medical marijuana ventures OK’d in Niles and Buchanan | Local |

Both Niles and Buchanan overwhelmingly approved resolutions Monday night to start the process of establishing the businesses.

FLASHBACK: DEBUNKED: Article Purporting Wounded Warrior Project is a ‘Legal Scam’ is False |

DEBUNKED: Article Purporting Wounded Warrior Project is a ‘Legal Scam’ is False |

FLASHBACK: Clinton Foundation Spends Just 5.7% On Charity, & Everyone’s A Hypocrite – The Burning Truth

Wounded Warrior took a media beating because of this story. Their ‘crime’ was to be accused of spending just 60% of their donations on veterans. That’s a full 54.3% MORE of their donations being used for their cause than the Clinton Foundation, and they were massacred by the media and public.

FLASHBACK: Wounded Warrior Project’s top execs fired amid lavish spending scandal | Fox News

Wounded Warrior Project’s top execs fired amid lavish spending scandal | Fox News

Wounded Warrior Project Exonerated After Vicious #FakeNews Smears by NY Times and CBS

The New York Times cited a report from charity auditor “Charity Navigator” that WWP spent “lavishly” on executives & administration rather than on vets. It turns out, the reporting was completely bogus, and just recently, WWP was afforded a 4-star by Charity Navigator, it’s top , for the fiscal year 2015. Of course, for the New York Times, the story is all that matters, regardless of who is hurt if the story is 100% BS. Wounded Warrior Project’s past finances were audited by FTI consulting and the . They found that there was NO “lavish spending” on the part of WWP and that the charity, in fact, gave 81% of contributions to injured vets.

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North Carolina Jewelry Store Apologizes for Billboard Saying It Is ‘Okay to Throw Rocks at Girls’ – Breitbart

Pre-Schooler Suspended for Bringing Empty .22 Shell Casing to School

On Tuesday four-year-old Hunter Jackson was suspended for seven days after bringing an empty .22 shell casing to school to show his friends.

It’s Official: Trump Signs Executive Order Unwinding Obama’s Climate Change Agenda – Katie Pavlich

Flanked by more than two dozen coal miners at the Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday afternoon, President signed an executive order officially rolling back President Barack Obama’s climate change agenda.

Enviros Protest Trump’s Climate Executive Order | The Daily Caller

Environmental activists gathered in front of the Environmental Protection Agency office building to protest President Donald Trump’s decision to nix Obama-era climate rules.

Trump Agenda on Offense: 7 Stories in 24 Hours Give President’s Base Hope

Politics is one of those sports where the team playing defense doesn’t get to score many points. Democrats are working hard to keep on defense, using an even more aggressive version of the same playbook they run against every Republican president.

FLASHBACK: Arizona Solar Plant’s Air Pollution Expected to Continue Despite $1.5M Record Fine | Phoenix New Times

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Virtual lemonade sends colour and taste to a glass of water | New Scientist

Dad Finds Out Daughter Plotting Bombing By Reading Her Diary | The Daily Caller

A Thurmont, Md., father discovered his 18-year-old daughter was planning to bomb and shoot up her high school after reading her diary, according to local reports.

Fake News: Girl Lied About Being Raped, And Robbed – The Burning Truth

Devin Nunes Will Not Disclose Intelligence Sources To Other Members Of His Panel | The Daily Caller

According to Reuters, the California congressman said he will not disclose who provided him with the reports that revealed the communications of Donald Trump and his associates may have been swept up in foreign surveillance, even to members of his panel like Rep. Adam Schiff.

School Has Funding Cut Because Too Many White Students Enrolled – The Burning Truth

Cutting school funding because of the racial makeup of the student body is racism by definition … period.