BREAKING: Police Find Bomb Making Materials in Vegas Shooter’s Car

The suspect had a girlfriend, who is currently in Tokyo, according to police, who are continuing to investigate her and plan to meet with her when she returns.

Meet The Iraq War Veteran Who Led Police To The Vegas Shooter | Zero Hedge

Chris Bethel is back home now, but said that he has not slept or eaten since the shooting. The Army veteran knew the sound of gunfire — and knew that it was close — as soon as the shots started. “It seems like it just never stops,” he recalled. “Seconds are going by, minutes are going by, and the rounds are continuously going.”

Vegas gunman had device that lets guns fire like automatic – Washington Times

Though legally and widely available, the so-called “bump stocks” have attracted scrutiny from authorities and lawmakers in recent years.

Robots are replacing fast food workers at new Shake Shack | New York Post

Robots will replace humans and cash won’t be accepted at a soon-to-open Shake Shack in the East Village, reps for the popular burger chain said Monday.

Reps. Todd Rokita and Ralph Norman Co-Sponsor Bill to End U.S. Education Department – Breitbart

Two more U.S. representatives have co-sponsored a bill that would end the U.S. Education Department by December of 2018.

Fake News: NYT’s Krugman Tweets Cholera Outbreak In Puerto Rico, ‘Heckuva Job, Trumpie’

Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller reported that leftist New York Times columnist/economist Paul Krugman uncorked some fake news on Twitter out of hurricane-battered Puerto Rico on Saturday. He claimed an outbreak of cholera in the wake of the hurricane and added “Heckuva job, Trumpie.” (For the less informed, this is a wink-wink lefty reference to President George W. Bush praising his FEMA director after Katrina with “Heckuva job, Brownie.”)

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John Rich Armed Off-Duty Cop [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller

Country music star John Rich handed over his own firearm to a police officer who used it to defend civilians in a bar during the Las Vegas strip massacre.

Tucker Talks Gun Control With Dem | The Daily Caller

Tucker Carlson asked Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar whether he could think of any place that has become safer due to gun control laws Monday, prompting the Congressman to answer “no.”

USC professor’s ‘episode’ led to campus scare, LAPD says |

A USC professor suffered “some sort of an episode” that caused students to believe there was an active shooter at school, triggering the campus scare and police response on Monday, police said.

Feds Spend $300,000 On Frankenstein Fest | The Daily Caller

The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded Indiana Humanities with a $300,000 grant “to fund a fleet of programs inspired by the classic novel Frankenstein” through the state, the Wastebook excerpt said.