Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, Nov. 1


Foiled Plot in Miami Is 99th Terror Plot Against US Since 9/11

The Department of Justice charged last week with attempting to use an explosive device at a Miami mall.

Terror Suspect Sayfullo Saipov Passed Uber Background Check, Drove for 6 Months – Breitbart

The man who police say transformed a bike path into a terror scene was an native who made 1,400 trips as an Uber driver and formed two commercial truck businesses.

Feds interviewed suspected NYC truck attacker in 2015 about possible terror ties – ABC News

The suspected New York City attacker, , was interviewed in 2015 by federal agents about possible ties to suspected terrorists, but the agents did not have enough evidence to open a case on him, laws enforcement officials tell ABC News.

Plan to Ax ‘Diversity Visa’ Used by NYC Terror Suspect Has Been Sitting in GOP-Led Congress for Months

Sitting in the GOP-led House is legislation that would do nothing else but immediately eliminate the , the used by the New York City to enter the United States in 2010.

Schumer on Diversity Visa: ‘This is an Excellent Program’ – Breitbart

This is an excellent program. Nobody has said it has done a bad job. It is small. There are only about 50,000 visas a year. It is really based on the idea of new seed … So I plead with my colleagues, keep the diversity visa program …

Facebook, Twitter: Russian actors sought to undermine Trump after election – POLITICO

Top lawyers from Facebook and Twitter said Tuesday that Russian-linked posts and advertisements placed on the social networks after Election Day sought to sow doubt about President ’s victory.

Gunmen in Halloween masks open fire on rave in Leyton, east London | UK | News | Express.co.uk

Horrifying footage shows vile thugs dressed in clowns and ghost masks using automatic weapons to unleash a shower of bullets on clubbers leaving a man and woman seriously injured.

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Lost sailors’ story doesn’t add up, experts say | New York Post

The US Coast Guard said Monday that the two Hawaii women who were lost at sea for five months had an emergency beacon aboard their sailboat that was never activated.

FLASHBACK: Women stranded at sea for months rescued by Navy | New York Post

Two months into their trip, well after they were scheduled to arrive in Tahiti, the women began making distress calls, but there were no vessels close and they were too far out to sea for the signals to be detected on land.

Drive-Bys and Democrats Shield Terrorist, Blame the Truck! | The Rush Limbaugh Show

KRISTOF: This is incredibly complicated and there is no silver bullet. If anything, it’s like silver buckshot. We can do more with intelligence. We can do more with trying to limit the access people have to weapons, including trucks.


A police officer from the University of Nevada — ’s alma mater — dressed as the former NFL quarterback for Halloween and leftists are up in arms about it.

America Loves Republican Governors | The Daily Caller

The top ten most popular governors are all Republicans, according to polling data released Tuesday.

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200 dead in North Korea nuke tunnel collapse, report says | Daily Mail Online

At least 200 people have been killed at a nuclear test site in North Korea after a tunnel collapsed, according to an unverified Japanese media report.

WATCH: Parody Hilariously Mocks Those Triggered by Halloween Costumes | Truth Revolt

Remy Munasifi’s parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and make sure no one in your family is culturally appropriating with their costumes or else… you’ll unleash the triggering.