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The Daily Show Prep is posted every day the show airs on 95.3 MNC, and has the links to all of the topics discussed on the show that day.  This allows listeners to easily find information about topics they heard on the show, and do their own research.

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Daily Show Prep: Friday, June 23

  Indiana’s ACA health insurance providers propose rate hikes – 95.3 MNC Indiana residents who purchase individual health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges could see premiums rise next year — or even double in some...

Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, June 21

  Report: Officer Stabbed by Man Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ at Airport, FBI Investigating Possible Terror – Breitbart The FBI is investigating the stabbing of a police officer at Bishop International Airport as a potential act of terrorism amidst reports that...

Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, June 20

  Ugh Brian Kilmeade Bashes Laura Loomer – Defends Cast of Trump Assassination Play (VIDEO) On Tuesday morning frequent Trump basher Brian Kilmeade slammed Laura Loomer for interrupting the assassination porn in Central Park. ‘Julius Caesar’ interrupted...

Daily Show Prep: Monday, June 19

  Mom ticketed after 1-year-old locked in hot car; police say it’s not an overreaction to a ‘dangerous situation’ | Crime & Courts | Before calling 911, the toddler’s mother, aunt and two other relatives tried to open the doors...

Daily Show Prep: Friday, June 16

  SAD. Very Fake News CNN Lies About Baseball Players Praying on Infield WaPo Fact-Check Gives Four Pinocchios To NYT Sarah Palin Lie | The Daily Caller The left-leaning Washington Post awarded four “Pinocchios” to the lie that former Alaska Gov. incited...

Daily Show Prep: Thursday, June 15

  Eyewitness Video Of Congressional Baseball Shooting – Video – The Burning Truth Here’s eyewitness video of the congressional baseball shooting that wounded Rep. Scalise and others yesterday. The Disgusting Aftermath Of Alexandria Shooting –...

Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, June 13

  Indiana voter group registered a felon, non-U.S. citizen and a dead person, police say One canvasser told police she and a fellow employee would have a “bum” fill out voter registration forms during each of their shifts. The bum’s reward was a...

Daily Show Prep: Monday, June 12

  Nurses Sue Over Hostage, Rape Incident at Illinois Hospital Four nurses are suing a corrections officer, the county he works for, and the company that provides security for a hospital in Illinois after a prison inmate escaped while being treated, causing mayhem...

Daily Show Prep: Friday, June 9

  DC police: “Have to look at terrorism very closely” in truck attack – Hot Air Hot Air Did two men in a truck try to pull off a terrorist attack in Washington DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood last night? Or was it an attack on law enforcement?...

Daily Show Prep: Thursday, June 8

  Comey on Whether Trump Asked Him to Stop the Russia Investigation: ‘No’ :: Grabien News COMEY: “Not to my understanding, no.” Comey: Trump Pushed Me to Look into Whether His Aides Did Anything Improper :: Grabien News COMEY: “Yes, sir. He qactually...

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