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The Daily Show Prep is posted every day the show airs on 95.3 MNC, and has the links to all of the topics discussed on the show that day.  This allows listeners to easily find information about topics they heard on the show, and do their own research.

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Daily Show Prep: Friday, July 28

  New York couple commit suicide ‘over health care costs’ | Daily Mail Online The couple who jumped to their deaths from a 17-story New York City office building Friday morning, after struggling with debt, have been identified. Article has been...

Daily Show Prep: Thursday, July 27

  One dead, seven injured after Fire Ball ride malfunctions at Ohio State Fair | The Columbus Division of Fire says one person is dead and five critically injured after a ride malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair. Ind. State Fair Will Not Operate Ride...

Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, July 26

  RNC Chair: ‘Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has Obstructed at Every Level’ With Former IT Staffer Imran Awan – Breitbart McDaniel said, “We have to get to the bottom of this, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz has obstructed at every level, on something...

Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, July 25

  Here We Go: Senate to Vote on Whether to Proceed to Obamacare Replacement Bills – Guy Benson The Senate can do so again now, and President Trump will use his pen to sign such legislation. The first step this time, the first vote we will soon take, is on...

Daily Show Prep: Monday, July 24

  FBI Seized Hard Drives From Dem IT Aide | The Daily Caller FBI agents seized smashed computer hard drives from the home of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information technology (IT) administrator, according to two sources with knowledge of...

Daily Show Prep: Thursday, July 20

  Son of Cecil the Lion is shot dead by a big game hunter | Daily Mail Online The son of Cecil the Lion has been shot dead by a big game hunter – two years after his father was killed, it has emerged. OJ Simpson parole hearing: Former football star approved...

Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, July 19

  (3) Trump Threatens Dean Heller To His Face: ‘He Wants To Remain a Senator, Doesn’t He?’ – YouTube Following the collapse of the Senate’s health care bill earlier this week, President Donald Trump arranged a lunch meeting with all of the GOP members of...

Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, July 18

  BREAKING: McConnell Abandons ‘Repeal and Replace’ — May Just Repeal Obamacare Law Instead Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell late Monday announced he was abandoning efforts to pass a bill to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, and said he...

Daily Show Prep: Monday, July 17

  South Bend couple’s home trashed by former tenants The Smiths could get a lawyer and ask the court to issue a judgment on the couple, which affects their credit and garnishes future wages until it’s paid back. So far, they’re reluctant to do so....

Daily Show Prep: Friday, July 14

  Rep. Brat To Dems: ‘Name The Statute That’s B | The Daily Caller During a Friday interview, Virginia Rep. Dave Brat slammed Democrats who want to impeach Trump without any evidence of criminal wrongdoing. STUDY: Nets Covered Donald Jr’s Russia...

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