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The Daily Show Prep is posted every day the show airs on 95.3 MNC, and has the links to all of the topics discussed on the show that day.  This allows listeners to easily find information about topics they heard on the show, and do their own research.

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Daily Show Prep: Friday, April 28

UPDATE: Goshen Middle School LGBT Survey Pulled A screenshot of the website, which was shared by a South Bend-based syndicated radio talk show host That would be me. Pro finds clubs destroyed after United Airlines flight | But now...

Daily Show Prep: Thursday, April 27

Student: Notre Dame Expelled Me Because I’m Male – The Daily Beast An undergrad claims Notre Dame kicked him out unfairly after a harassment investigation—and ignored evidence that the girl wanted to ruin his reputation. Helicopters to begin dropping water as...

Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, April 26

ESPN Layoffs: List of Confirmed Fired Employees | Wednesday is a somber day for many employees at ESPN. ESPN Has To Change, Or Today’s Layoffs Are Just The Beginning This morning, ESPN announced layoffs were coming, and it appears that people will be getting...

Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, April 25

First 100 days: Trump team touts number of Obama rules they killed | Fox News Though President Trump is unlikely to ding ObamaCare before the 100-day mark this Saturday, he and GOP lawmakers have been able to chip away at Barack Obama’s legacy in other ways...

Daily Show Prep: Monday, April 24

Seriously? Sean Hannity Accused of Sexual Harassment by Anti-Trumper Debbie Schlussel …Updated UPDATE: Debbie Schlussel has been after Hannity’s scalp for years. Sean Hannity Responds to Baseless and Salacious Accusations – Will Take Legal Action on...

Show Prep: Thursday, April 20

Fake News: New York Times Lies About Patriots White House Attendance Not with this again. The anti-Trump media is once again playing the ‘crowd size card’ to attack President Trump. Just like they did on inauguration day where they attempted to compare crowd size long...

The Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, April 18

Cleveland Facebook Live Murderer Kills Himself Steve Stephens, the Cleveland murder suspect accused of posting video of the killing on Facebook, was found Tuesday in Erie County, Pennsylvania, state police said on Twitter. “After a brief pursuit, Stephens shot and...

Daily Show Prep: Monday, April 17

Pence in Seoul: ‘With Your Help, and with God’s Help, Peace Will Ever Prevail’ in Korea :: Grabien News PENCE: “Under President Trump’s leadership, our resolve has never been stronger. Our commitment to this historic alliance with the courageous people of...

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