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The Daily Show Prep is posted every day the show airs on 95.3 MNC, and has the links to all of the topics discussed on the show that day.  This allows listeners to easily find information about topics they heard on the show, and do their own research.

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Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, March 7

Brady Dismisses Accusations Repeal Bill Is ‘Obamacare Lite’ | The Daily Caller “It is ‘Obamacare gone’ because we repeal all those taxes, those mandates, those subsidies. There is nothing left there. Instead, we give them the same tax break that we give...

Daily Show Prep: Thursday, March 2

Is Jeff Sessions Meeting With Russians A Scandal? – The Burning Truth Another week, another Washington Post story about how Trump is really a Russian vassal. Manchin Defends Sessions: I’ve Met With Russian Ambassador | The Daily Caller Sen. Joe Manchin...

Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, March 1

Cleaning up, restoring power after severe weather rips through Michiana – 95.3 MNC More than 10,000 customers are without power throughout Michiana after storms blew through the area late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Severe storms race across South Bend...

Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, February 28

Happy Fat Tuesday! FLASHBACK: Media Gushed Over Obama’s First Address to Congress “He took us to the mountain tops.”  “Big and bold.”     “He wowed us!” Trump Proposes Cutting State Department Budget By 37% | Zero Hedge One month ago, a media frenzy broke out after...

Daily Show Prep: Tuesday, February 21

Indiana lawmakers consider school prayer measure – 95.3 MNC Indiana public school students could pray aloud in a public forum under a measure lawmakers are considering. Is more school prayer answer to social ills? According to the American Civil Liberties Union,...

Daily Show Prep: Monday, February 20

FAKE NEWS: Trump Never Said There Was a Terror Attack in Sweden – Liberal Media MADE IT UP (Video) DERP: Journos claim Trump referred to ‘nonexistent terror attack in Sweden’, transcript proves otherwise – Funny how the media loves to misquote Trump...

Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, February 15

NBC: Pence wasn’t told that Flynn misled him until February 9th, 15 days after the White House knew « Hot Air Vice President Mike Pence was informed of the Justice Department warning regarding former national security adviser Michael Flynn late on February 9, 15 days...

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