Democrat Ad Blames GOP For Ebola Outbreak, Ignores Reality – Video

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

– Rahm Emanuel

Ad Blames GOP Budget Cuts For Ebola Outbreak | Video | RealClearPolitics.

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Nothing, and I mean nothing, is out of bounds in politics anymore. Fear-mongering, smearing, and bald-faced lies are now commonplace.

Let’s not forget the whole ‘lean forward’ comment in the first press conference from the director. It was a blatant political nod to liberalism.

All of the other CDC controversies as of late aside (and there are many political motivated controversies over the past couple of years), how did I find this CDC budget article if their has been cut?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will see an 8.2 percent budget increase for fiscal 2014, thanks to a $1.1 trillion spending bill announced by Congress Jan. 13.

That would be a spending bill, that originates in the House, the House that has a majority, a supposedly (although fictitious) ‘do nothing’ Republican congress.

But wait … THERE’S MORE!

This influx of cash will raise the CDC budget to $6.9 billion, which is $567 million more than it received in 2013. This is more than the agency anticipated, because the president’s fiscal year 2014 budget request for it was just $6.6 billion — a decrease of $270 million from fiscal 2012.


The GOP gave the CDC MORE MONEY than they expected because Obama requested a lot less.  Obama didn’t just request less funding for the CDC than the GOP gave them, but HE proposed cutting their budget by $270 million!  Let me spell this out … IT WAS OBAMA THAT TRIED TO CUT THE CDC BUDGET, IT WAS THE GOP THAT INCREASED IT!

Since 1970, the HHS budget has increased nine-fold.

Let’s just go to the CDC directly, shall we?  You see, government puts their funding online for everyone to see if they just want to look for it.

CDC FY 2012

The FY 2012 Budget request for CDC and ATSDR is $11.3 billion. The total funding level includes CDC/ATSDR’s discretionary funding (including Budget Authority and PHS Evaluation resources), mandatory funding for the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program and the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program, as well as support from the Prevention and Public Health Fund (the Prevention Fund). Although CDC’s discretionary budget reflects a decrease of approximately $580 million in budget authority below the FY 2010 level, the total budget request is an increase of $371 million.

So there we have some lies in the video above.  Reductions in discretionary spending don’t mean a reduction in spending at all.

Go ahead, look at their budgets for the past several years.  Some programs were cut while others increased.  Some years they were up, some they were down.  The President signs the budget Congress approves.  If there is a cut, that falls on the President as much as Congress.  Similarly for increases.  There’s also been some restructuring of how certain departments get funded.  Many receive funds via Obamacare now, and aren’t counted using the old methodology.

Regardless of the semantics, the attacking the GOP for cutting infectious disease funding is disingenuous and flat-out false.