Dennis Rodamn on “The Interview: It’s Just a Movie…Wait Till You See Mine

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un’s bestie in the whole world is keeping his mouth shut over controversy surrounding Sony Picture’s “The Interview.”

Dennis Rodman who made headlines when he cozied up to Un earlier this year after traveling to Pyongyang to organize a basketball game and gushing his affection for the dictator has decided to remain mum over the “The Interview” but instead trying to hock his own North Korean documentary out at the end of January. 

“I have no opinion of The Interview. It’s only a movie,” he said Wednesday.  “If you want to see the real thing and what really goes on there, go see the screening of my documentary ‘Big Bang in Pyongyang‘ at the Slamdance Film Festival at the end of January,” he continued. “It’s going to be EPIC!”

Watch this incoherent rant Rodman gave when a CNN reporter asked him about Kenneth Bae, the Korean-American Evangelical Christian missionary who was convicted on charges of planning to overthrow the North Korean government. held captive in North Korea. 




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