Detective Caught Purchasing Drugs After He Used A POLICE PHONE To Call Dealer



(The Sun By ANTHONY FRANCE) – A Scotland Yard cop has been sacked for using his police-issue mobile to score drugs.

Arrest ... Scotland Yard

The detective constable, 39, was a heavy cannabis user who ordered supplies from a dealer near his home in Enfield, North London, with the phone.

He also illegally searched the police computer fives times to find out if colleagues had his dealer under surveillance.

Anti-corruption officers arrested him after his work number was found on the crook’s phone during a drug bust.

A source said: “He is a disgrace to his uniform.”

The case is an embarrassment to new Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe’s “war on crime”.

Mr Hogan-Howe recently ordered 4,000 officers to “put the doors in” on London’s dealers.

The detective, who cannot be named, was fined £1,000 and told to pay £215 costs after admitting breach of data protection at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. He was sacked at a disciplinary hearing in December.