Donald Trump Wins Legal Battle in University Case – Breitbart

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When will start hating winning this much?
LOL! Just like Strawberries (Millennials) are trying to sue so they get their college loans dismissed, these people are also trying to get a free ride. Maybe before you sue a course you attended, don’t admit you actually benefitted from the course curriculum.

The court allowed the suit to proceed on the claim of liability. However, it found that there was no common claim for damages. The students wanted full refunds, but Trump’s legal team argued, and the court agreed, that some representatives of the class had admitted receiving at least some value from the courses. The result is that each plaintiff would have to proceed with separate legal actions to recover damages, which will be prohibitive for most.

This isn’t a surprising ruling for anyone who’s actually followed it without bias. The backsides of those who were hedging their bets on this to destroy Trump are in a world of hurt today.

What will the next baseless attempt to destroy Trump be? Hmm … the mind wonders.