This is hysterical! You know damn well she’s never even looked at the Federalist Papers, and it’s crystal clear she doesn’t know anything about or confederacy. She’s actually ass-backwards.

State’s rights don’t mean that a state has the right to infringe upon your individual natural rights. The Bill of Rights protect your natural rights FROM government at all levels. They do not bestow rights upon you from the government.

A confederate government would actually allow a state to dictate your rights via the state’s constitution.

Ignorant dumbassery is institutionalized at MSNBC.  They are completely devoid of logic, and facts.

’ is a term used by academics to describe pro-Confederate ideology from the Civil War, particularly racism.  So the irony is doubly hysterical considering the federalists in the north believed in arming its black population, and the NRA fought to protect blacks (and armed them) from southern white Democrats.