Dumber And Dumber – Handicapped Robber Captured After Getting His Wheelchair Caught In Sand



(Daily Mail By PAUL THOMPSON) – A wheelchair bound robber who boasted that police would never arrested a handicapped man is behind bars after getting caught.

Wheelchair bound John Champion, 24, bragged that the police would not arrest a handicapped man as he threatened a convenience store clerk with a knife

John Champion was unable to escape after his wheelchair became stuck in sand just yards from where he had robbed a Chevron convenience store.

The 24-year-old had threatened a female clerk with a pocket knife after steering his motorised wheelchair behind the counter of the store in Chiefland, Florida.

Champion allegedly demanded the 54-year-old clerk open up the cash till.

The clerk said she grappled with Champion and stabbed him three times in the leg before he was able to overpower her.

Champion left the store with a 12 pack of beer and a roll of electrical tape – items worth just $20.

When police arrived they found Champion behind the store unable to move after his wheelchair was stuck in loose sand.

He was drinking one of the beers he is alleged to have stolen but denied robbing the store.

Police said Champion had told the clerk that he would never be arrested because he was handicapped.

He even told her to push a panic button in the store because he was so confident that he would not be arrested.

Champion was charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery.

Police chief Robert  Douglas said Champion was treated for the stab wounds and booked into the Levy County jail.

Officers have yet to locate  the knife Champion is suspected of using in the crime as he said it was thrown into woods during his ill fated escape.