Dunham Issues Preemptive Apology for Cosby-Holocaust Analogy

Just as reports surfaced that she has hired Hollywood’s most famous crisis management team to help her rehabilitate her image after embroiling herself in a series of controversies in 2014, feminist writer and actor Lena Dunham issued a preemptive apology for drawing a comparison between Bill Cosby’s rape allegations and the Holocaust in a recent interview.

Dunham has been making the rounds to promote the 4th season of her HBO show “Girls” (the premiere of which saw a 39% drop in viewership over last year). The preemptive apology came in the form of an Instagram post that linked to her recent interview with Time Out Magazine.

The comments came during a discussion of actor/director Judd Apatow, who has been a vocal critic of Cosby (now accused by over twenty women of rape). When the interviewer suggested Apatow was “obsessed” with the Cosby story, Dunham said, like the Holocaust, no amount of attention is too much:  

It’s sort of like saying someone’s obsessed with the Holocaust… This is a huge issue, and it speaks to the way that we abuse power and the way that celebrity allows for injustice.

In an Instagram post promoting the piece, she noted that it wasn’t her “best analogy” and underscored her Jewish heritage:

Very excited about my pop art Time Out NY cover, photo by Danielle Levitt and popification by Chad Silver  My best friend and partner @campsucks interviewed me and it was a ball. However, I feel I didn’t properly express my respect & passion for Karen O. and Danny DeVito. Additionally I’m already aware comparing Bill Cosby to the Holocaust wasn’t my best analogy. With Love from your special rape-hating Jew friend LENA

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