Elitist Rich Republican Who Hates The Homeless Promises To Stop Harassing Them With A Sledgehammer

Damn Republicans and all of their hatred of the poor.

Hawaii lawmaker pounded for taking sledgehammer to homelessness | Fox News.

A Hawaii lawmaker whose solution to dealing with the state’s problem was to take a to shopping carts says he’s putting aside the hammer — for now.

State Rep. Tom Brower, a five-term who represents Waikiki and Ala Moana, had been going block by block during his spare time in search of stray shopping carts used by the state‚Äôs estimated 17,000 homeless people, smashing them to pieces. The tool-toting legislator, who says he’s “disgusted” with people who live on the street, reportedly smashed 30 carts in the past two weeks.

Probably should have guessed he was a Democrat based on his blatant disregard for the private property of others.