Everyone Ignoring Teen’s Darwin Award Worthy Stupidity In His Own Death

I just can’t take it anymore.  I have to say something about this story.

Just to start things off, it is a very tragic situation, and my heart truly does go out to his family.  It’s awful that HER SON put her through this.  With that said, it’s time someone pointed out that natural selection was on full display, and this kid is a candidate for the Darwin Awards.

Teen Sentenced for Killing Friend During Game of Russian Roulette

A Michigan teenager was sentenced to at least three years in prison for shooting his friend in the face during a game of earlier this year. 18-year-old Richard Usher (pictured above) will serve two years for a felony firearm charge and then somewhere between one and fifteen additional years for manslaughter. The length of the additional sentence will be determined by a parole board.

Clearly, both of these guys are stupid.  However, it’s the victim’s family’s quotes that have me a little irritated.

“His last words to me as he walked out the door were, ‘See you mom’,” she told the Judge. “I will see him again one day but until then, his friends, family, and myself will have to live with Richard Usher’s violent stupidity.”

Again, I get how upsetting it is that your son died, but what about his “violent stupidity?”

Brandon’s brother similarly asked the judge to show no mercy through a letter read aloud by Jannie Kuiper: “I think Richard Usher should serve the maximum sentence for what he did , he’s an adult and he pointed the weapon pulled the trigger and took my brothers’ life.”

They were playing Russian Roulette … WILLINGLY!

I’m not saying this kid doesn’t deserve the strictest sentence for being a moron, but someone has to stand up and point out that the boy who died was an equal party in this moronic display.

Both of these guys, and everyone else in the house that day, were equally “violently stupid.”  They were all willingly doing drugs, and drinking alcohol.  They were all willing to play Russian Roulette, with a real loaded gun.  They were all pointing said gun at each other in their worthy intoxicated stupor, and pulling the damn trigger.  The only difference between the shooter and the victim was pure, random luck.  It could have easily ended the exact opposite way than it did.

So, please, spare me the ‘My sweet little angel was a victim of this hideous, violent criminal.’ mantra.  Your kid was a dumbass, and he paid the ultimate price for it.