As if what happened in Chicago wasn’t proof positive of this already.  Democrat supporters are almost always more violent than Republican supporters.


YouTube personality Joey Salads just posted a video looking to answer one simple question.

Whose supporters are more violent? Bernie Sanders or ?

Of course, this result doesn’t fit the narrative. The media, Democrats, Republicans, and even Ted Cruz have peddled the falsehood that Trump’s so called ‘violent rhetoric’ is responsible for violence at his rallies. Of course, most of the time the violence and intimidation is not coming from Trump’s supporters, but is actually directed at his supporters. Facts be damned, there’s an election to win though … right?

94% of media coverage actually blames Donald Trump for violence at his rallies, but the American people don’t blame him.  At least, they don’t until they are shown skewed edited sound bites to peddle that narrative.

Trump critics and the MSM even tried blaming him for the Secret Service agent who took down a member of the media after they got physical with the agent.  This is old playbook strategy by the left.  Make the Republican look like they are promoting and inciting violence.  This time around, the right has adopted it to falsely attack Trump too.

Bottom line is that if you peddle stupid editorials like this that blame Trump for violence, then you have to blame Bernie for the violence of his supporters.  But Casey, Bernie isn’t using ‘violent rhetoric.’  You mean his supporters are just acting violent … for no reason … and it’s not Bernie’s fault?  Bingo!  No one else is responsible for your actions, only you are.  If someone gets violent at a rally, it’s that person’s fault.  No one else’s.

Both candidates should publicly make it clear that their supporters should never instigate violence, but right now they are both just making excuses for their supporter’s behavior.  That does not, however, mean that Bernie or Trump are in any way responsible for the violence.  Violence, which frankly, is being overblown by the media, and is historically common in American politics.