Facebook Bans Companies Who Sell Guns, Knives, & Ammo From Promoting Pages

Many of you know that in addition to being a radio host, I own Agamemnon Self-Defense.  I sell automatic knives (all knives really), self-defense supplies, surveillance equipment, nanny cams, and tactical gear and accessories.  My company has a Facebook page that I’d like more people to be aware of.

I recently decided that I’d actually give Facebook some money to promote my page for a few days.  I did this more as an experiment since I realize Facebook’s own advertising is largely a ripoff.  However, I’d seen my competitors do it several times.  If it worked, I’d continue.  If it didn’t, no big loss.

Having made up my mind to finally give it a go, I banged on the ‘Promote Page’ button that Facebook highlights on every one of their pages, and proceeded to set up my ad campaign.

Agamemnon Self Defense

As you can see, Facebook asked me what interests I’d like to target for my ad.  Those interests include guns, ammo, knives and weapons.  More on why that is hysterical in a minute.

I submitted my ad campaign, and waited for the new traffic to my Facebook page.

As I surfed around Facebook yelling at various people for their moronic ideas, I noticed that my ad campaign was still in the ‘under review’ status.  No biggie, I understood they’d have to review and process the ad.

Some time later I was on my company’s page, and noticed the big red box in the left sidebar saying my page would not be promoted.  I thought that was odd, and clicked on the box for more info on why my ad campaign wasn’t starting.  Here’s what it said:

ad denial

Uh … what?

I’d seen people advertise knives many times before.  I’d seen tactical, prepping, and survival companies advertise regularly.  This couldn’t be the case … unless it was a new policy.  So I looked up their new guidelines, and sure enough:

2  Facebook

Now I have seen countless ads with weapons in them over the years, but as I thought about it … it had been a little while since I’d seen any of them.  A couple of months maybe.  I don’t know when this policy first went into place, or at least when it was first strictly enforced.  It really doesn’t matter … it’s utterly stupid.

Facebook allows my company (that sells weapons and other self-defense tools) to have a Facebook page on their site.  Facebook lets me share my company’s Facebook posts on their site on other profiles.  Facebook let’s my Facebook page invite other people to ‘Like’ the page for free. Facebook lets my company create Facebook apps and use their API to incorporate Facebook, and use Facebook features, on my company’s website.  Yet Facebook won’t let me pay Facebook to tell other Facebook users that I have a Facebook page on Facebook?

How on Earth does that make sense?  How can Facebook be ok with my company having a Facebook page when it sells weapons, but not be ok with me paying them to promote it?  Why did they allow me to target my ad to people who like guns, knives, and weapons if they don’t accept ads that sell products those people would be interested in?

It’s Chewbacca … that does not make sense.