Facebook Says Sexist, Homophobic ‘Kill Kendall Jones’ Page Does NOT Violate Their Community Standards

Considering all the things I’ve had removed over the years (bunnies eating fruit, a news report featuring a man stabbed in the face, etc.) this is a blatant hypocritical stance.  Then again, many conservative pages on have been shut down, but somehow terrorists are still allowed to recruit there.

Posted by the Kill Kendall Jones page admin.

Posted by the Kill page admin.

Kendall Jones is a young lady who happens to be a very experienced, proficient hunter.  She has posted photos of her hunts (some non-kill conservation hunts) on her Facebook page.  Naturally, people who don’t hunt, don’t know anything about animals, and don’t know anything about conservation have taken to calling her all sorts of names, and even wishing for her death.

Facebook has also started censoring her pictures and page content.

The Kill Kendall Jones Facebook page has been launched to attack this young woman who has, literally, done nothing wrong.  Hell, she’s done more to save local wildlife, and help needy people than damn near every one of her critics.  I digress.  The page name in and of itself should warrant a reaction from Facebook given their own standards which clearly forbid threats of violence, bullying, and hate speech.

Nonetheless, Facebook says that the page does not violate any of their standards … even though their written standards disagree with them.

Here’s two responses from Facebook to my listeners who reported the page for violating Facebook’s own standards:


Here’s another one:

4  Casey Hendrickson

Here’s some other photos on the page:

Not posted by page admin.

Not posted by page admin.

Then there is this exchange between the page admin and another user:

3  Kill Kendall Jones

Nice homophobic slur there kiddo.  Notice the 22 ‘likes’ from people approving said homophobic slur. Remember the Ann Coulter controversy around that word?  Now I don’t think that word, when used this way, is homophobic at all, but society has dictated that it is.

As a member of the media, I know exactly what type of material is considered … ‘problematic’ and likely to draw the ire of the community activists out there.

  1. If you refer to someone’s race … you will be branded a racist.
  2. If you refer to a woman’s looks … you will be branded a sexist.
  3. If you call someone a faggot … you will be branded a homophobe.
  4. If you even joke about killing anyone who isn’t a violent criminal or terrorist, you WILL be fired, and possibly investigated by authorities.

The Kill Kendall Jones page ticked every one of those boxes, but Facebook is still refusing to take action.  Go ahead, read their community standards.  It’s a simple one page document that clearly spells out this page’s conduct is not in adherence to Facebook policy.

Don’t believe me?  Start a Kill Mark Zuckerberg, or Kill President Obama page and see how fast they yank those pages down.

At the time of this writing, the Kill Kendall page has 419 ‘likes’.