Fake Hate: Three And Three-Fifths Examples Of More Fake Hate This Week

FAKE HATE: Muslim Woman Said Man Forced Her to Remove Hijab – She Lied

“Sending it to the prosecutor’s office is standard procedure when the investigation has revealed the incident as reported was false, and the person who reported knows it’s false,” Lige said on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

Jasskirat Saini Arrested For Writing ‘KKK’ On College Campus | The Daily Caller

Jasskirat Saini was arrested Tuesday by Nassau County Police following an investigation into the drawing swastikas and writing of “KKK” on a college campus.

Arrest made in Greenville church burning

Man Claims He Was Kicked Off Plane For Speaking Arabic | The Daily Caller

Just last week, however, Saleh claimed, “I Smuggled Myself On A Plane To Another City and IT WORKED!! (IN A SUITCASE).”