Fake News: AHCA Does Not Make Rape A Pre-Existing Condition

The GOP House’s bill has been attacked as making a that wouldn’t be covered under the bill’s language. Meaning … an insurance provider could deny coverage to you if you were raped. The fact that you have to put special willful effort into not having your covered under the (even MORE protections were added with the Upton amendment) has been ignored. Instead, it’s been replaced with mythology that the won’t cover pre-existing conditions. A claim that is patently false.

The most of these false claims is that evil Republican men are ripping coverage away from women who have been raped by removing any pre-existing coverage requirement for rape related injuries.

This claim has been debunked by … well … pretty much everyone. Here’s a couple of links just to start:



Washington Post

Associated Press Fact Check

And while all of those sources clearly debunk this nonsensical claim by amoebas, the next link is the most important. Why? Because NY Mag started the rumor, and has now retracted their bogus claim.

After running the initial headline:

Under New Health-Care Bill, Rape Is a Preexisting Condition

They now have this correction in the article:

Correction: This story originally stated that rape is considered a pre-existing condition in the AHCA. It has been updated to reflect that conditions stemming from sexual assault and domestic violence, such as PTSD and certain STDs, could be considered preexisting conditions, not sexual assault itself.

There, now that that is settled … why am I still seeing amoebas sharing this nonsense on social media? That was rhetorical. They are idiots, liars, and only interested in the politics of fear and personal destruction. They are not interested in truth, facts or decency.

I’m looking right at you Ashley Judd.