Fake News: New York Times Lies About Patriots White House Attendance

Not with this again. The anti-Trump media is once again playing the ‘crowd size card’ to attack . Just like they did on inauguration day where they attempted to compare crowd size long before Trump was on stage to when Obama was being sworn it. The crowd was bigger than those initial attacks, though not as large as Obama’s.

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The same media largely ignored the fact that Trump’s crowds during the campaign were the largest consistent crowds seen in a campaign.


The media has been running with this narrative since the visit was announced. Every time a player was not to attend, it became about politics. I’m sure Tom Brady’s mom’s illness had nothing to do with him not attending this year. He must have turned his back on Trump.

Then there’s┬áDanny Amendola. He didn’t attend because he had a funeral to go to. President Trump gave him a shout out, and he tweeted:

No big deal right? Except a bunch of idiots thought he was taking a moral stand against Trump, and they felt betrayed that he didn’t hate the President. The attacks were on.

So the Patriots decided to put the in their place for their fake ass tweet about fewer players attending the White House celebration this year.

Then they provided an explanation for the New York Times’ bogus photo.