Fake News: There Was No Secret Second Meeting Between Trump And Putin At G20


This has set the ablaze the past 24 hours, but it’s a myth.

Once again, we have peddling about Trump and . More on that here.

Please explain to me how the President of the United States meeting with any foreign leader privately is a scandal. It isn’t. Even if there is a mythical Russia conspiracy floating around.

Also, how is a meeting considered ‘previously undisclosed’ if it was reported on by the media on July 8, 2017?


The US president began the meeting by asking Putin directly about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, US officials said. However, Putin denied Russia was responsible, and the two camps would appear to disagree on exactly what was said during the two-hour meeting.

News understands that the two leaders engaged in another “long chat” right after a G20 dinner on Friday night, according to a source present.

Exactly. It isn’t undisclosed, and the media has known about it for nearly two weeks.

Now, here’s where things get really funny.

Buzzfeed reported on the second meeting at dinner, where everyone who attended G20 was invited, July 8. Now, however, they are claiming it was an ‘undisclosed meeting.’

It takes a special bunch to report on something as being brand new when you reported on it 11 days ago. Par for the course if you are ‘resistance’ media.

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