Fake News: Trump's Team Was Wiretapped. MSM Lied.

Here's the thing, we already knew that 's team was surveilled. That was never in question with anyone but the , and liberal activists with confirmation bias. We know they were surveilled because of the Gen. Flynn leaks. Leaks that could only have happened if he were surveilled. The NY Times admitted Flynn was, in fact, wiretapped.

The MSM didn't care about this fact. They ran with non-stop stories about how Trump was lying about being wiretapped. They used linguistic gymnastics to make it seem like Trump was lying about being wiretapped. They spun the truth to say that Trump Tower wasn't wiretapped, and they narrowed the definition of '' to make it seem like he was peddling a conspiracy theory. A theory, mind you, that was started by the MSM, Hillary Clinton, and then Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. This wordplay gave them plausible deniability. They were lying, while making it seem like they weren't by changing definitions. Everyone knows 'wiretap' is used synonymously with 'eavesdropping' and 'surveillance.'

Then came Democrat Devin Nunes admitting Trump's team was caught up in surveillance, or wiretapping.

Then Susan Rice admitted to unmasking Trump team members after they were caught up in wiretapping. She admitted this only after denying it several times.

The then tried to pivot on this story to make it seem like all this wiretapping was just accidental. There was no intentional surveillance of Trump's team or associates. They pointed to a lack of any FISA to surveil Trump's team, and continued to call him a liar.

The New York Times said the wiretaps didn't need any warrants. At least they were again admitting to wiretapping while simultaneously calling Trump a liar for claiming there was wiretapping. Again, a story they started.

Fox's Adam Housley uncovered there was surveillance of Trump, his team, and supporters for up to a year before the election. The media still called Trump a liar. They still said there was no FISA warrant to wiretap Trump or his associates, therefore there was no wiretap. All of this other stuff was just accidental and didn't count.

Keep in mind government officials also said there was no FISA warrant. Don't forget former FBI Director James Comey conducted illegal surveillance on Americans according to the federal government, and the FISA court. But there was an actual FISA warrant.

Trump associate Carter Page was wiretapped and surveilled by the government who issued a FISA warrant to do so. Still the media called Trump a liar. Which was always a curious strategy since they originated the story that Trump and his team had been wiretapped. Were they lying now, or admitting to publishing ?

There's more chapters in this saga, but you get the point so far. The media, Hillary, and Harry Reid all claimed Trump was wiretapped. He expressed outrage by this after being told about it, the media then called him a liar while simultaneously reporting that he was telling the truth. 

Now, this ...
CNN reported Monday evening that the U.S. government, under President Barack Obama, had wiretapped ’s former campaign manager, — both during after the 2016 presidential campaign.

Yep. Now the leading critique of Trump over his wiretapping claims, CNN, is finally admitting that Trump was telling the truth. Oh, and this wiretapping of Paul Manafort was also a FISA warrant.

The media and others will still call Trump a liar by saying no wiretapping of HIS phone in HIS office happened, but that is intellectually dishonest spin. We know Trump's team was wiretapped and surveilled. We know there was at least two FISA warrants issued to do so. We know those who were wiretapped had contact with Trump directly. Incidental or accidental wiretapping of Trump directly is still wiretapping, and is, ultimately, irrelevant.


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