Fake News: Vice President Mike Pence Did Not Argue Against Hurricane Katrina Relief

The False Claim.


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a false story went viral claiming that Vice President opposed Hurricane relief while he was a member of the House of Representatives.

The story originated Tuesday on the left-wing site Daily Kos, where Democratic operative Scott Dworkin wrote a blog headlined, "WATCH: Pence Plead With to Not Fund Relief [sic]."

Included in the post was a video of a House floor speech Pence gave shortly after the disaster hit in 2005.



The saddest part about the spread of is that it usually takes 30 seconds to debunk. Had anyone who retweeted this nonsense (including Hollywood celebrities, and '' personalities) spend just a few seconds doing an internet search, they would have seen that it wasn't true. Heck, the original video also disproves the original claim.

WATCH: Pence Plead With Congress to Not Fund Hurricane Katrina Relief #ImpeachPence

— Scott Dworkin (@funder) August 29, 2017




"Later today, Congress will continue the work of funding the relief and recovery from Hurricane Katrina—and well we should—by spending more than $50 billion to FEMA and other agencies," he said.

Hours after the speech in the viral video, the House voted 410-11 for $51.8 billion in relief without any spending cuts attached. Pence voted in favor of the measure.

The bill passed the Senate unanimously and was signed the same day by President George W. Bush. It was not until weeks later that Pence, head of the Republican Study Group, unveiled "Operation Offset" to pay for the billions in spending.



Then Reprsentative Pence (R-IN) simply didn't want government to overspend after Katrina relief was funded.


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