Family Narrowly Escapes Thanksgiving Massacre From Angry Ram

Ram shot and killed after attempted Thanksgiving day doorbuster |

A Whitmore Lake family had to grab life by the horns on Thanksgiving when a ram nearly forced its way into their home.

Shortly after finishing Thanksgiving dinner with his family, Mike Richards went to take his dog for a walk when a movement caught his eye. As he exited his garage, he saw a large ram grazing on the grass in front of his house.

“I ran back inside and I said to my wife, ‘Paula, you’ll never guess what’s in the front yard,’ ” he said.

“We both went outside, the dog was still outside, and as soon as we went out of the garage again the ram saw us and started going after us.”

Richard said the ram chased him and his wife into the garage but they managed to close the door into their house behind them before the ram could make it inside.

“Then I went out the front door to grab the dog,” he said.