Father Of 2-Month-Old Baby Shot Dead By Neighbor Over Complaints Of DOG FECES Left On His Lawn


Posted to WIDK by Jenn Flanagan

(Daily Mail by MARK DUELL) – A father was last night shot dead after confronting his neighbour about Chihuahua and German shepherd dog faeces on his lawn, police said.

Police response: Authorities found Franklin Santana just after 4pm on Tuesday with two gunshot wounds to his neck and several others over his body

Franklin Santana, 47, allegedly went to his neighbour’s home in the Tacony region of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to complain about his dogs.

The neighbour, Tyrirk Harris, 27, was licensed to carry a gun and had it in a holster as the two talked on the front porch on Tuesday, police said.

‘I (saw) them arguing, then from there a little scuffle,’ neighbour Miguel Rivera told the Philadelphia Daily News. ‘Then I heard the shots.’

Mr Santana was found dead outside the Torresdale Avenue home after confronting Harris about the mess constantly left by his dogs, police said.

‘There were dog faeces on several of the neighbours’ yards,’ a police spokesman told NBC. ‘That’s what led to this particular confrontation.’

Harris allegedly told authorities that Mr Santana grabbed for his 9mm semi-automatic pistol and it went off as they struggled.

Police told the Philadelphia Daily News that the dispute over the dog faeces had been ongoing for some time between the two men.

Some even revealed that the dogs had also left faeces on their properties, but they cleaned it up and decided not to argue about the mess.

Police found Santana just after 4pm with two gunshot wounds to his neck and several others over his body. He was pronounced dead at 4:25pm.

Santana, who recently moved to the area, leaves behind a wife and a two-month-old baby, reported the Philadelphia Daily News.

Neighbours said Harris was a former school policeman. His girlfriend was seen crying outside the home after the incident.

‘It’s kind of ridiculous that a person has to lose his life over a dog,’ Mr Rivera told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Harris was charged with murder early on Wednesday morning.