Fed Workers Caught Singing ‘Go Green’ Songs To Obama

POTUS Wants A Press Event – Long Version

4/9/2012 | FOX NATION.COM

“Martha and Bob to take the lead… You Know They Need Us So… POTUS wants a press event…”

The Committee On Oversight & Government Reform have released a brand new video today, via their YouTube channel, that continues to expose the General Services Administration’s (GSA) “lack of judgment exhibited during the 2010 Western Regions Conference.”

In this video, GSA federal government workers film a music video tribute to President Obama about their field office “going green”

From the official press release…

More GSA “American Idle”:  Convention Laughs Over Admission that Video Made During Taxpayers’ Time

Admission from Awards Ceremony was Edited Out from Administration’s Friday Night 59 Minute Huffington Post Dump

The video clips below are from the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) October 2010 Western Region Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  It was played on Thursday, October 28, 2010 at the “Capstone Dinner Event.”

In one part of an awarded video submitted by GSA Region 7 employees, a roomful of participants holding a picture of President Barack Obama sings:

“POTUS wants a press event, a project he can show … Are you ready for a miracle? GSA’s going Green.”

After showing the video at the convention, the following exchange (which was edited out of footage released) Friday night by an “administration official” to the Huffington Post) occurs:

         GSA Convention Organizer Jeffrey Neely:
“That was amazing, was there anybody in Region 7 who wasn’t in that thing?

         GSA Region 7 Representative:
         “If they didn’t work on Friday, then chances are they weren’t in the video.”

         (Convention Laughs)

POTUS Wants A Press Event – Shorter Version


Rep. Darrell Issa tweeted that the White House “selectively edited” out the above video before releasing it to The Huffington Post.

Whomever in @WhiteHouse released this footage to @HuffingtonPost Friday selectively edited it. Wonder why? VIDEO: http://bit.ly/HZOeuM