Female Teacher, 46, Forced Student To Give ORAL SEX On Multiple Occasions



(Daily Mail) – A high school teacher has been arrested on three counts of rape and two of oral sex after encounters with a 17-year-old male student.

Rape charges: Lisa Kays, 46, of Yukon, Oklahoma was arrested on three counts of rape and two of oral sodomy

Lisa Kays, 46, taught Spanish at the school and ran the after-hours Spanish-Latin Club.

She was taken away from the Putnam City High School in Oklahoma on Monday and arrested on five counts of sexual assault.

Kays, from Yukon, was held at Oklahoma County Jail on Monday but released after posting bail.

Police said charges against the teacher were likely to be filed this week after suspicions were raised by an email sent on the internal mail service used on the high school campus.

According to the Oklahoman, Kays’ husband Skyler Kays had filed for divorce last month. The estranged couple had been married for 26 years and have two children.

Chief Stout said: ‘The teacher was arrested for a total of five counts which referred to five separate sexual encounters with the student.

‘Three of these were at the school, inside the school building, after school hours when a few people were around.

‘One of the incidents occurred off-campus in the city of Warr Acres and another in Oklahoma City.’

Putnam City Schools Superintendent Paul Hurst also told a news conference: ‘We know that this is a distressing time for our students, we want to provide as much support as we can for them.

‘Any student who needs to talk with someone, we will make sure that a caring adult is available for them.’