FIREBOMBED: German Newspaper That Reprinted Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Attacked Overnight

Two men have been arrested in Germany in connection with an overnight firebombing of Hamburger Morgenpost, according to Hamburg police. The newspaper had reprinted the satirical cartoons from Charlie Hebdo following the attack in Paris last week, under the headline “This much freedom must be possible!” There are no apparent inuries.

In an article posted on the Morgenpost website early Sunday, the paper quotes the police as saying that it is too soon to determine if the attacks are related. 

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“There is no knowledge, no claim of responsibility or other evidence,” police spokeswoman Karina Sadowsky said this morning.

Police believe the attackers first threw rocks through the windows, followed by an “incendiary device.” The two suspects had been spotted earlier near the building “acting suspiciously.”

Messages of support, as well as photos of the scene, are spreading rapidly across social media.

(The MoPo belongs to #Hamburg and we stand in solidarity at their side.
Anyone who attacks the MoPo, attacks the whole city of Hamburg.)

Russia Today has also released raw video taken at the scene that shows some of the damage.