I like , and I’m a fan of .  However, her interview with this morning was about as driven as it can get.

I’ve been pointing out the mainstream man-hating in our society for years, and this morning’s interview is a prime example of just how clueless so many people, especially women, are to rampant toward .

Several years ago, I had this with my former co-host, Heather Kydd, on our show.  I mentioned that sexism against men was far more prevalent than towards women in entertainment.  I pointed out that it had actually become ingrained in our society.  She didn’t believe me, so I gave her a homework assignment.  I told her to watch a week’s worth of prime time TV, and to pay close attention to how many negative stereotypes of men are portrayed during the shows and the commercials.

She came back the next day and said she didn’t need a week.  She’d never noticed before how frequently the man was portrayed as an unintelligent neanderthal, stupid oafs, lazy, uncaring, inept, bad father, bad husband, etc.  Violence against men is also frequently portrayed as acceptable, and even funny.  Truth is, it happens so often these days, one rarely notices, and men don’t usually complain about such trivial things.  However, we are in a culture war, and men have to illustrate the hypocrisy of the modern feminist movement.

Belittling men is the most common form of in American society today … period.

It’s so common, that Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn’t even realize she helped advocate sexual discrimination on Fox and Friends today.  I’m not the only one who noticed.


This morning on Fox and Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed Reshma Saujani, author of Women Who Don’t Wait in Line, a book about increasing opportunities for women to hold leadership roles in business and government, and Saujani offered this shiny nugget of advice to women in the workplace:

If you have two qualified candidates and one is a man and one is a woman, hire the woman.

Twenty million women make hiring decisions. We keep talking about the fact that we’re stagnating [i.e., lack of women in leadership roles], but we have the ability and the leadership to change the numbers. So let’s do it.

Um … what?

Imagine if a man had just gone on national television and advocated only hiring the man over an equally qualified woman simply because of his gender.  There’d be genuine, and justified, outrage.  Reshma Saujani just advocated blatant, and illegal, sexual discrimination.

Hasselbeck’s response?

“What a great message.”

Again … um … what?

Hasselbeck and Saujani just advocated not hiring the man because he has a penis, and for no other reason.  If not hiring a woman because she has a vagina is wrong (and it is), then this is wrong too.  There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Pure sexism.

If you have two equal candidates, you hire the one that would best fit in with the company.  That should always be the message conveyed to hiring managers.  Discrimination against women, and men, should be equally repugnant.

I have no doubt that Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn’t think she was advocating anything wrong this morning, but that illustrates just how prevalent the problem is.