Fox News’ Jason Riley: Obama, Sharpton, Holder Push False Racial Narrative

Appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Fox News contributor Jason Riley brilliantly nailed the false racial narrative perpetuated by the likes of Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and President Obama — that racism is an “all-purpose explanation” for everything that is wrong in America’s black communities.

Riley wisely explained that it is in fact the high crime rates in those black communities that drives the police into those areas, not skin color and certainly not the relatively few instances of excessive force. He adds that until that crime rate takes a severe drop, tensions between blacks and police will remain high.

The behavior in high-crime black communities must change, Riley said, if the community wants a positive perception. Yet, prominent black voices in this country — Sharpton, Holder, and the president himself — aren’t willing to have that conversation, he said.

Here is Riley’s complete statement:

Clearly there is excess force used by police in some instances, but that’s not producing this high black body count in this country. Tension between the black community and the police department stems from black criminality in this country — high black crime rates. Blacks are about 13 perceny of the population but commit more than half of all murders in this country. Blacks are arrested at two to three times their number in the population for all manner of violent crime, all manner of property crime. Until that ends, you are going to have tensions between the police and the black community. You are going to have young black men viewed suspiciously. If we want to address perceptions, negative perceptions of young black men, we have to address the behavior that is driving those perceptions. And that is not a conversation President Obama or Eric Holder or Al Sharpton or all the rest want to have because they have a vested interest in pushing a false narrative, which is that racism is an all-purpose explanation of what drives what’s wrong in black America.


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