Friday, March 31 – Hour 2 Podcast

Interview: Common Councilman At Large

7 Facts Democrats Should Consider Before Opposing Gorsuch

Here are seven key facts to remember:

NPR: ATF Figures Show Suppressors ‘Are Seldom Used in Crime’

An NPR overview of the current push to deregulate firearm counters the controllers’ doomsday claims by pointing to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms () figures that show suppressors “are seldom used in crime.”

This App Sends Your Message to Your Congressperson’s Voicemail—And Also to The Entire World

If you’re having trouble getting calls through to your member of Congress, an called Stance says it can help. You just record a message, and it keeps trying until it can deliver that message to voicemail. There’s a big caveat on that, though.

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