Fully-Armed Sheriffs Remove 7 Homeschool Children from ‘Prepper’ Family

A group of fully-armed sheriff’s deputies entered an Arkansas family’s home and removed their seven children for 72 hours after an anonymous tip led them to find a mineral supplement used by the father for its alleged health benefits.

On Monday afternoon of last week, a search warrant was issued at the home of Hal Stanley after an anonymous caller tipped off officers to search for a product known as Miracle Mineral Solution. This substance is said to be used to treat serious medical conditions — even by the Red Cross in Africa for malaria — and is used as a water purification agent.

The FDA has issued a warning to users of the product saying it turns into a “potent bleach” when mixed according to the directions and has caused “some users” to experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration.

Stanley said that he is the only one in the home that uses the supplement and that he adds it to the water that feeds their vegetable garden.

Speaking with local news, Stanley described a multitude of state and county agents descending on his property that Monday afternoon to search the premises. Stanley and his wife were escorted outside while officers searched the home for five hours with their seven children remaining inside.

Stanley said, “If they had asked me if I had MMS, I’d say yes and give it to them.” 

He went on to describe his family as “preppers” who try and avoid most contact with the government and prefer keeping to themselves. Stanley said his contact with law enforcement has been very minimal — “unless they stopped to buy vegetables” — and said he’s never even had as much as a speeding ticket.

After officers found the bottles labeled “MMS,” medical examiners checked each child in an on-site ambulance and cleared each one, finding them in good health. The Stanleys thought their ordeal was over.

However, at around 9:30 that evening, according to Stanley, “six or eight” fully-armed sheriffs opened the door and demanded the children be handed over for a 72-hour period. In an emotional protest, the Stanleys asked who was responsible for making this decision. It is reported that one of the sheriff’s deputies raised his hand and said, “I did it and I’m proud of the decision.”

It is reported that the children have been kept in custody already one week past the promised 72 hours. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley were not able to see their children until this last Saturday. Friends of the Stanleys have created a GoFundMe page and also have dedicated a Facebook page to help bring them home.

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