Gah, SO CLOSE!: Texting Man Almost Walks Into Bear

Gah, SO CLOSE!: Texting Man Almost Walks Into Bear


Note: This post is originally from April 10, 2012. I just saw the video being posted around Facebook and figured I’d move it to the front page. You see, Facebook is like a clothes dryer. It’s just all the same stuff going around and around and around. Occasionally, you open the door and a pair of warm panties (in my mind a pair with a frilly waistband and sheer back) fall out onto the ground. In this case, a video of a guy on a cell phone almost walking into a bear is that pair of panties. The original post:

This is a video of a bear running around in a California neighborhood being filmed by a news helicopter when some guy who’s texting almost walks right into the thing. I kinda wish he would have. Is that wrong of me? Because I don’t feel like it is. If you walk around so oblivious that you don’t notice a giant bear in front of you eventually you ARE going to walk into traffic. At least this would have a sort of gladiator feel to it. TWO BEASTS ENTER, ONLY ONE LEAVES. Who will win, the bear, or the man with the cell ph– okaaaaay, we didn’t even have time to place bets.

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Thanks to Yogi (I approve) and Jillian, who text the old fashioned way: just calling.


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