Gay Marriage Poll: Majority Of Americans Defend Religious Rights Of Businesses

A recent AP/GfK poll found that while Americans narrowly favored the legalization of gay marriage in their states (44/39), a majority defended the rights of wedding businesses to refuse service due to religious objections. 


The poll found support not only for the rights of businesses but for local officials and judges with religious objections, whom they believed should be exempt from having to personally issue same-sex marriage licenses. One issue that respondents were split on was whether or not the Supreme Court should legalize gay marriage nationally. Via My Way News

The poll found that 44 percent of Americans favor and 39 percent oppose legal same-sex marriage in their own states, while 15 percent expressed no opinion. But the country is evenly divided, 48 percent to 48 percent, on which way the Supreme Court should rule when it decides the issue for the entire nation this spring.

Gay marriage is legal in 36 states because of a flurry of recent federal court decisions.


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