Giveaway! Paracord Lanyard With Kershaw K-Tool


Congratulations to  Jon Stone!  You’ve won the keyfob!

For anyone else wanting one, I have the stuff to make two more for $15 if you’d like to place an order. You can even pick your color.  Just send an email to me here.

Thank you for supporting me, and for entering to win.  I hope to have lots more of these going forward.


I wanted to say thank you to my fans for getting my Facebook page past 3,000 ‘Likes’ recently, and figured a was in order.

Most of you know I sell knives and stuff, and that I do custom paracord.  I figured I’d make something for the giveaway that was both cool, and functional.  Why not a key with a bottle opener and some screwdrivers?


  • Custom made by yours truly
  • A solid 10 feet of genuine military grade paracord
  • Camcon Carabiner
  • Kershaw K-Tool

Instructions To Enter To Win:

  1. Read this blog post … YAY!  You’re doing this now!
  2. Comment on this blog post below.
  3. Winner will be announced on Monday, July 27.
  4. That’s it.  Good luck!