Gohmert: GOP Priorities in 2015: Amnesty, Obamacare, Energy

On “Hannity” Thursday, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) laid out what would be the top three priorities for the new Republican-controlled Congress: defunding amnesty and Obamacare and deregulating energy.

Gohmert said that Republicans would defund the president’s immigration order and Obamacare “as much as we can” this year and “stop the overregulation”:

Defund the amnesty. Defund Obamacare, as much as we can in next year’s legislation. And, release the energy sector to provide more jobs. It’s ready. There’s ready to be an economic boom, if we will stop the overregulation. Those are things we ought to do immediately upon taking over as a new Congress.

Gohmert said the GOP must force Democrats to vote on these crucial issues, arguing that many Democrats would find it “difficult” to vote against them and still “keep their seats” if they didn’t override the president’s expected vetoes. If the Democrats are seen as the “Party of No,” he added, it would impact 2016:

Now that we’re going to have a Republican-controlled Congress in both the House and Senate, we need to send the bills, and we need to force the Senate to vote on them, so that if he does veto them … it’ll be harder for a Democrat president to win, unless they’re on board for the things American people want.

On “America’s Newsroom” earlier this week, Gohmert made headlines by likening Obama in his recent NPR interview to an alcoholic “finally admitting” that he and his party have been lying: they were in fact the true “Party of No”:

What I’m excited about is after all these years… now the president has finally admitted they’ve been lying: he, Harry Reid, all those folks who have been saying Republicans were the Party of No. He’s basically admitted in this statement, ‘Yeah, we’ve been the Party of No. But I’ve been able to rely on Harry Reid to say no so I didn’t have to, but we’ve been the ones that really stopped it.’ That’s what I’m hearing in that statement, and I’m glad the president’s finally admitted. Like an alcoholic, the best news is when you finally admit where your problem is.


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