GOP ‘#RedWave’ Will Be Short-Lived … Unless

Alright, time for a reality check. elections have a long history going back to 1842. 1994, 2006, 2008, & 2010 are the most recent.

Wave elections happen because the majority party forgets their place as servants of the people. They get arrogant, power hungry, elitist. Until finally the people have had enough of their lies, abuses, and dismissiveness.

Yes, this is a wave. Yes, it is for good reasons, and not just because people are bored of the status quo. Yes, the allure of corruption and abuse of power will eventually be too much for the , and yes there will be another wave by the Democrats in the future. History shows it won’t be far off before that happens.  It is best for everyone if that is not the case.  It is much preferable to have a simple exchange of power based on ideas and good candidacy rather than the rejection of oppressive and corrupt behavior … as we’ve seen here.

The only way to prevent wave elections against your party is to not become the corrupt degenerates both parties have been in recent history.  You can not embrace the attitude of ‘I won,’ now sit down and shut up, as Obama did in 2009 and again many times since.  We teach our children to not be sore winners and losers, and we should expect the same from our elected statesmen.

If, and I mean if, the GOP conducts themselves with maturity and decorum, perhaps they can stave off a Democratic wave within a few elections. If they don’t, you can expect a possible wave in as little as two years, though most likely four.