Guys Prove They Get ‘Catcalled’ Too, Hypocritical Women Respond

I used to work for CBS Radio.  Every year we had a video and test to take.  The video goes like this:

Female reporter and a male cameraman are out working together.  She flirts with him all day, and then asks him out on a date after their shift ends.  She invites him to a romantic Italian restaurant, and wears a sexy, sultry dress on the date.  She flirts with him the whole night.  At the end of the night, he leans in for a kiss.  She stops him, shocked.  She says, ‘What do you think you are doing?’  He immediately expresses shock and embarrassment, and apologizes for the confusion, and calls it a night.  He never forces himself on her, or pursues it further after being rejected.

Monday morning he goes into work, and is immediately called in to HR.  He’s been accused of sexual harassment.

The question on the test we were forced to take (and pass with 100%) was whether or not he was guilty of harassment.  I, of course, said no. Because he factually wasn’t guilty of anything.  If anyone was guilty of anything, it would be her for leading him on then filing a false claim against him.  Not that I actually think her actions were in any way harassment.  My female co-host at the time, Heather, agreed with me.  We both failed the test.

Corporate America had decided that a man is not allowed to express interest in a woman, even if she expressed interest first.  Militant womanists have destroyed chivalry.

Another portion of the test literally said men were guilty of sexual harassment if they did a quick once over admiring a woman’s looks.  Not oogling, not staring, one simple ‘head to toe’ glance was sexual harassment, and a fireable offense.  All reasonable people realize this is patently absurd, but there are no reasonable people in the militant womanist demographic, and they are sue happy.

No, the test did not apply the same standard towards conduct directed at men.  And women wonder why guys never them anymore.

Complimenting someone, admiring someone, or showing interest in someone are what normal sane people call compliments, polite, and even chivalry.  Insano people call it .

Actual harassment is very real, and should never be excused.  Even the most innocent of inquiries of interest should stop if not reciprocated, but simply expressing your appreciation for someone’s appearance is not harassment … by the literal definition of the word.

Fact of the matter is this … both men and women receive public compliments often referred to as ‘catcalling’ by the womanist lobby.  Normal society calls it the act of socializing in the normal process of finding a partner to mate with.  Decent human beings take the compliment in stride, express interest themselves, or find a polite way of letting them know you aren’t interested.

To prove the point that men endure compliments … excuse me … catcalling too, these guys filmed a male model getting ‘catcalled’ for 3 hours on the streets.

See? It happens to both sexes.  The funny part is when you read the ridiculously hypocritical comments from womanists on the video.  Incredibly sexists ‘blame the victim’ comments.