Harry Reid Only Interested In Creating Union Jobs

So Pinky the Pinko has a jobs plan eh? Alright, let’s have a look shall we?


“The bill we are introducing today continues that focus by creating or saving approximately 400,000 jobs for teachers, cops and first responders,” the Democratic leader promised.

Notice anything?  All of those jobs are for unions.  To hell with the rest of you!

Anyone can use the ‘created or saved’ line.  I created or saved thousands of jobs today because I didn’t finish getting the leaves out of my yard, and I’m on the internet right now.  Prove me wrong.

Now comes the math and hard facts.

Who’s going to pay those salaries after this one time windfall from the federal government is used up?  Oops!  Didn’t think that far ahead did ya?  Yes he did.  This is nothing new.  It is a little ironic considering is having an issue with first responders bilking the taxpayer for millions in fake overtime.  It’s an issue I was at the forefront of when I was in Vegas.  Some of the first responders made more than the President of the United States annually.

It should also be noted that hiring more teachers just means you are dipping deeper into the population to fill those jobs.  That translates to lower quality teachers.  It’s the tried and true ‘quality vs quantity’ scenario.

Good to know Pinky is looking out only for workers, while sticking the taxpayers with new deficit spending once this mini runs out.