Harry Reid Upset I Was Right About Yucca Mountain – Audio

My long time Las Vegas listeners will remember my battles with well.  Eventually, it culminated with the station I worked at at the time deceiving on who was conducting the interviews so he’d come on.  Then, flat out said he’d never do another interview with me again.

The interview that was the last straw was a battle we had on in 2009, maybe early 2010.   is the nuclear waste repository in .  A project Reid initially supported, but then opposed because of politics.

Though nuclear waste has been steadily shipped to the Nevada Test Site for years (using the same routes that would be used for Yucca), overall, most waste is not sent to the repository.  This means that Nevada is in violation of federal law.  All because of Harry Reid.

During the clip below, I asked Reid why he never sponsored a bill in the to overturn the .  Instead, Reid has wasted millions in taxpayer dollars fighting (and losing) Yucca in court.  Reid famously said he didn’t need to because he killed Yucca Mountain ‘my man’.


Of course, Reid was wrong.  The courts and DOE said so that week.  In fact, Yucca Mountain continued to operate minimally after that interview.  Which was the point I was making to begin with.  It wasn’t dead, it was delayed.

Now this:

Reid has been strongly opposed to storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain in his home state of Nevada, and claimed that after being privately assured that was on his side, “worked against the effort to shut down Yucca.” This led to Reid’s tirade today, calling everything from a “rat” to “incompetent” and “unethical.”

Reid explained that while he tends not to get too riled up over political disagreements, what really angers him is when people blatantly lie to him.

I guess turnabout is fair play Mr. Reid.  I did warn you that you didn’t take the legal or political steps to kill Yucca Mountain.  Instead you dinked around with the issue for political expediency.  If you’d just proposed to repeal the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, you might have stopped Yucca Mountain.  At the least, if you lost, you could have argued that you tried official channels and it didn’t work.  Instead, you lied to your constituents to win votes, but now it’s time to face reality.

The are reevaluating Yucca Mountain as we speak.  Given Yucca’s sound science, decades of research, perfect location, and extensive monetary investment … it was always going to be prone to reopen anyway.

Looks like I was right again … ‘my man’.



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