High-End Tie Company That Gives Back To Our Troops

When veterans come back from war, one of the hardest things they face is finding a good job where their service to the country is not belittled. 

David Fin just launched his tie company and he mixes style with patriotism.  Fin has also partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes.  The HOH is an organization that helps returning military personnel find job. 

David Fin began his company with the mindset that every veteran deserves a job.

His mission statement reads:

“Our brand is founded on the belief that every veteran deserves to have a job and reason to put on a tie each day.”

And that is exactly what he does.  For every tie sold, David Fin donates 15% to Hiring Our Heroes to help more veterans find jobs. 

RedState’s Erick Erickson loves the ties.  In a post from December, Erickson writes about the company, “The tie showed up and it was perfect in every way. The fabric quality is great. The stitching is nicely done. And there’s one additional detail that is not ancillary, but fundamental to David Fin ties. David employs veterans. He has partnered with Hiring Our Heroes. He has put veterans to work in his business, giving them meaningful job opportunities after leaving the service. That’s worth a tie right there.”

What’s really wonderful about the ties is Fin’s shout-out to the military.  On the back of each tie is a camouflage pattern.  And don’t forget that the ties are hand-made in America.

So, if you want to “Look Good, Feel Good, and Do Good,” take a look at David Fin, because purchasing a tie has never been more patriotic. 


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