Hilary Rosen Apologizes? ‘Let’s Declare Peace in This Phony War’

Statement from Hilary Rosen, provided to Fox:

“Let’s put the faux ‘war against stay at home moms’ to rest once and for all.  As a mom I know that raising children is the hardest job there is.  As a pundit, I know my words on CNN last night were poorly chosen.   In response to Mitt Romney on the campaign trail referring to his wife as a better person to answer questions about women than he is, I was discussing his poor record on the plight of women’s financial struggles. 

“Here is my more fulsome view of the issues:  http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/12/opinion/ann-romney-hilary-rosen/index.html?hpt=hp_c1    

“As a partner in a firm full of women who work outside of the home as well as stay at home mothers, all with plenty of children, gender equality is not a talking point for me.  It is an issue I live every day. I apologize to Ann Romney and anyone else who was offended.  Let’s declare peace in this phony war and go back to focus on the substance.”